Safe H2O has a division setup for essential services during the COVID 19 level 4 period.

Phone us on  0800 723 342 or email info@safeh2o.co.nz
Our team is trained for full contact-less maintenance work to reduce risks.


Premium water purification and water tank cleaning
without the premium price tag. 

Ministry of Health recommend annual servicing of water tanks.

When were yours last cleaned?

World leading technology and innovation finally brings a cost effective water purification and water tank cleaning system to your doorstep.

Safe H2O provides a unique and innovative solution to clean your water and your water tank. Our mobile unit is fully equipped with a state of the art nanofiltration system which filters your water to 0.001 of a micron. Tank sediment is vacuumed out using heavy duty vacuum pumps. Once sediment is removed, your tank is attached to the mobile unit and the existing water filtered to effectively remove all bacteria, lead, nitrates and other contaminants.

SafeH2O removes all sediment quickly and efficiently without climbing into your tank or using abrasive cleaning techniques; retains and purifies your existing water removing >99.9% of pathogens from the water treated and leaves your tank and water clean and safe.

PHONE 0800-723 3420


We would love to hear from you anytime you need a tank cleaned or have a question. Either phone or email us

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Safe H2O

Safe H2O

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