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BackWhy do I need to get my tanks cleaned, is it really an issue?

Yes, it is a very real issue. Unsafe drinking and household water can make you, your family and visitors seriously unwell. If your water comes from a water collection tank, it is up to you to keep your water safe and reduce the risk of water born illness from contaminated tank water.

Chances are high that your tanks will contain lead, pesticides, nitrates, giardia, campylobacter, e-coli and salmonella (in fact 90% of tanks test positive for E.Coli and Faecal Coliform).

How do I know if I have a problem or need it done?

The Ministry of Health recommend annual inspections and cleaning of your tank, if you haven’t had this done in the last year or two, your tank will need attention. The following are also signs to look out for:

* Have you, your family or visitors experienced diarrhoea, vomiting or frequents bouts of tummy bugs?
* Do you and your family experience fatigue, headaches, muscle and tummy cramps or generally feel unwell?
* Does your water occasionally taste and smell ‘funny’?
* Does your filter (if you have one) need changing more frequently?


Safe household water is vital for you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Over time sediment begins to form a layer on the base of your tank, this sediment is a breeding ground and food source for potentially harmful bacteria that can make users of the water supply extremely unwell. The tank gets contaminated from ash, dust, sprays, chemicals and animal and bird droppings from your roof, gutters and overhanging trees. This sediment MUST be removed on a regular basis. Even if you have a filter, this sediment must be removed to ensure your filter is working effectively.

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The solution

Safe H2O provides a unique and innovative solution to clean your water tank and your water. Our mobile unit is fully equipped with a state of the art nanofiltration systems and operated by trained Safe H2O professionals.
SafeH2O removes all sediment quickly and efficiently without climbing into your tank or using abrasive cleaning techniques; retains and purifies your existing water removing >99.9% of pathogens from the water treated and leaves your tank and water safe, fast.

Benefits of using Safe H2O:


* Specifically designed for purification and cleaning of water tanks
* The latest in water filtration technology
* Removes >99.9% of chlorine, nitrates, bacteria including cysts, lead and pesticides
* Retention and purification of your existing water - no purchasing replacement water
* Resolves smells, bad tastes and discoloration
* Tanks can be cleaned out anytime of the year
* Unit has 60 metres hoses meaning easy access to most tanks
* Specialists in the field
* Environmentally friendly
* NZ owned company
* Good old fashioned personal customer service
* Affordable

Finally a way of cleaning your tanks and your water is here!

The SafeH2O system gives you a revolutionary high tech way to resolve this issue; quickly, efficiently and affordably. Contact us now to discuss how we can get this issue resolved for you.

How does Safe H2O differ from other tank cleaning services?

  1. No abrasives. crossedWe don’t put a person inside the tanks for safety and access reasons, but also abrasive scrubbing and water blasting inside a tank can damage them.
  2. No more sediment or bacteria. We clean the tanks by suctioning out any sediment (which is where bacteria breeds) and remove any substances on the walls by using a very low level of food grade hydrogen peroxide if required.
  3. No need to order new water. Our custom-built filtration units filter your existing water that was in the tank down to 0.001 microns (which is smaller than bacteria). This means we’re not putting dirty water back into your clean tank, and you don’t have to order new water in.
  4. Scientifically proven. Our process has been laboratory tested and proven to be 100% effective in providing pure safe water.


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UV filters do not remove 100% of pathogens and must be maintained and cleaned regularly and according to instructions


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