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Our most frequently asked questions.

I don't want to have to empty my tank to get it cleaned and then have to buy a replacement load of water.

We don’t want you to either and with the Safe H2O system you won’t. We are committed to the environment and believe water is a valuable resource. Our system therefore does not just throw the water away, but cleans it, purifies it and recycles it back into your tank.


I’ve been drinking this water for years and never been sick.

If you have ever had unexplained diarrhoea, vomiting etc, and put it down to a ‘tummy bug’ or a virus, chances are, you have experienced one of these illnesses. In some cases prolonged exposure to a pathogen can lead to immunity, however visitors or those in the family who may have compromised immune systems can become very ill.


I’m safe, I have a filter.

Filters do not remove 100% of pathogens and must be maintained and cleaned regularly and according to instructions. In March 2006, three separate cases of Legionella (causing one death) were reported in one NZ community. All three came from rainwater systems and all three had filters. In all three cases, the filters were contaminated.
Filters do not remove accumulated sediments in the tanks. These sediments can be a source of microbiological and chemical contamination and cause illness, funny tastes and odours in the water. This sediment builds up and interferes with the effectiveness of your filter.


Do you have to get inside the tank to scrub or water blast it?

No we don't and we strongly recommend that no one does. Not only for safety purposes but with concrete tanks, abrasive water blasting and scrubbing of the internal walls breaks down the surface adding to water issues and may lead to leaking tanks. If required, we treat the tank with a very low level of food grade hydrogen peroxide which easily and safely remove any substance on the walls.


​Won't the tank just get reinfected as soon as it rains or fills from the bore?

​The removal of the sediment is key. This slimy sludge is a breeding and feeding ground for bacteria that allows it to multiply at an alarming rate. By removing the sediment and purifying the existing water supply, any further introduction of bacteria is considerably diluted and without a rich feeding supply the bacteria generally stays within safe levels. By following the Department of Health recommendation of annual cleaning of your household tanks, the levels are kept well under control and within healthy guidelines.


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UV filters do not remove 100% of pathogens and must be maintained and cleaned regularly and according to instructions


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