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Safe H2O Ltd specialist trained Confined Space Access Team provides a complete confined space services.

Our service includes
•  Inspection reports    •  Video inspections    •  Desludging    •  Repairs and maintenance    •  Tank cleaning and disinfecting

Our Confined Space Assess Team is headed up by Chad Meads. Chad has over 15 years’ management experience in high risk industries including mining and oil and gas. Safe H2O are committed to safe practices and skilled at balancing the need for safety alongside the need to get the job done on time and within budget.

Skilled in project management, engineering, and finding solutions to particularly challenging situations, Chad brings the highest standards and expectations to his team. The Safe H2O team are fully trained and selected carefully to ensure the right attitude and skills are available for our clients.

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Confined Spaces are a high risk, year after year, people die when entering confined spaces to carry out work. Understandably it is now a critical requirement to be trained and know what you are doing.

Experienced in high risk industries, our commitment to health and safety isn’t just compliance, it is woven into everything we do.

Safe H2O confined space access team provide

  • Full standby rescue
  • Gas detection
  • Ventilation blowers
  • Three man fully qualified team
  • Experience in extreme risk industries
  • Full detailed JSA's and confined space procedure
  • Guarantee the work will be completed thoroughly and safely


What is classed as a confined space? A confined space:

  • Is an enclosed or partially enclosed space and
  • Is not intended or primarily designed for human occupancy and
  • May present a risk from one or more of the following at any time:
  • Unsafe concentration of harmful airborne contaminants
  • Unsafe concentration of flammable substances
  • Unsafe levels of oxygen
  • Substances that can cause engulfment and
  • May have restricted means for entry and exit

Examples include: storage tanks, tank cars, process vessels, boiler’s, silos, pits, pipes, sewers, shafts, ducts and shipboard spaces.

"Do not put your staff and business at risk"

We can provide services throughout New Zealand 


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UV filters do not remove 100% of pathogens and must be maintained and cleaned regularly and according to instructions


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